You’re done having kids

It’s best to have your mommy makeover after you’ve completed your family. That’s because any additional pregnancies after your surgery can affect your results. So, while it’s perfectly safe to have more kids after your mommy makeover, most surgeons don’t recommend it. This is so you can enjoy your new body for many years to come.

You’re finished breastfeeding

If a breast procedure like breast augmentation or breast lift is part of your mommy makeover, it’s best to wait until you’ve finished breastfeeding for at least 6 months before having surgery. This will ensure your breasts are at a stable size and shape and are no longer producing milk.

You’re at a stable, healthy weight

It may seem counter intuitive, but you should be at a stable, healthy weight prior to surgery. This is partly because any additional weight loss after your mommy makeover can cause sagging skin that may negatively impact your results, which could result in a secondary procedure. It’s also because women who are already healthy have a lower risk of surgical complications. So, if you are about to start a special diet or weight-loss plan, wait until you’ve reached your goal weight, or your weight loss has plateaued before having your mommy makeover.

You’re active and eat a healthy diet

Having a healthy lifestyle sets you up for success after your mommy makeover because those positive habits will help you maintain your results. Your body will still be susceptible to weight gain and aging after surgery, so to look your best for as long as possible, it’s important to eat right and exercise. Starting these habits now will make it easier after surgery.

You have a good support system

Because mommy makeovers include multiple surgeries at once, the recovery can be a challenge. Having a support system of friends and family who can help you through this time is crucial. You’ll need help with daily chores like cooking, cleaning, gardening, and even childcare for the first few weeks. This is by far the hardest part of the process for most moms. By planning ahead and getting your support team together, you’ll save a lot of stress down the road.

You have at least 2 weeks available for downtime

Most of our mommy makeover patients need at least 2 – 3 weeks off work or school to recover. If your work is very physically demanding, you may need to take as many as 4 – 6 weeks off, so be sure to plan accordingly.

Are you ready to schedule your mommy makeover?

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