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Post Weight Loss Surgery

in Boston, MA

Significant Weight Loss Often Results In Loose Skin

that can hinder your confidence

And undercut the progress toward a healthier you. At Clareo Plastic Surgery, Dr. Michael Tantillo offers to our patients in Boston post weight loss surgery options that get you closer to the body image you have for yourself. These procedures, which remove loose skin and reshape the body, are also commonly known as body contouring surgeries.

Who Is A Candidate For Surgery After Weight Loss?

Anyone who has lost weight and is in good health may be a candidate for post weight loss surgery.
During your consultation for post weight loss surgery Boston plastic surgeon, Dr. Tantillo will formulate a plan to address your areas of concern, including areas of loose, hanging skin that may be causing irritation. Patients who have experienced massive weight loss often require more than one surgical session to treat all of the areas of concern. We ask that our post weight loss surgery patients are not actively smoking or pregnant at the time of the operation.

Benefits Of Surgery After Weight Loss

What Options Are There For Surgery After Weight Loss?

Any contouring surgery of the face or body to treat extra loose skin after weight loss is considered post weight loss surgery. Weight loss contouring surgery involves removing excess skin in order to tighten the treated area; however, the quality of the remaining skin is unchanged.
The face, female breasts, and buttocks can look deflated after weight loss and, ironically, benefit from a fat transfer or implant augmentation. Each patient’s response to weight loss is unique; therefore, Dr. Tantillo works with each patient during the consultation to develop a bespoke post-weight loss surgical plan.
This private consultation with Dr. Tantillo allows each patient to discuss the areas that concern them in a judgment-free zone. Clareo treats patients of all body types. It is our mission to help you enjoy the confidence and pride that comes with achieving your body goals. This may include one or more procedures classified as plastic surgery after weight loss or body contouring, which include:

While some procedures can be performed during the same session, others are best performed as separate operations. For these more ambitious surgical plans, spacing the procedures several months apart allows for the safest surgery and optimal results.

Excess Skin Removal

There are various skin removal surgeries that can be performed to enhance the body after major weight loss. The most popular procedures include abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), an extended tummy tuck, belt lipectomy (lower body lift), inner thigh lift surgery, arm lift surgery (Brachioplasty), faceliftneck liftbreast lift (women), and chest recontouring surgery (men).
The torso, breasts, thighs, face, and neck are the most commonly treated areas for excess skin removal. Loose skin often accumulates in these areas after patients lose a substantial amount of weight, whether through diet and exercise or with the help of weight loss surgeries such as bariatric surgery or gastric bypass surgery. The procedure involves carefully placed incisions that allow Dr. Tantillo to remove extra skin on the target site. Once the loose skin is trimmed away, the remaining skin is pulled taut, which has a nice lifting and tightening effect.

Does Skin Removal Improve Skin Quality?

Removing sagging skin can tighten the body’s appearance for a flatter midsection as well as removing thigh bulge or unsightly loose skin on the arms and more. However, it is important to recognize that post weight loss surgery does not improve the quality and elasticity of the skin that is not removed.

Liposuction After Weight Loss

Liposuction is a surgical fat reduction procedure that works by introducing fluid into the fat tissue, then using a cannula to suction away fat cells for a smooth result. Most patients benefit greatly by adding liposuction to their plans for surgery after weight loss.
While removing skin can help eliminate excess fat that is attached to the skin, liposuction helps refine the results even more and allows for the opportunity of fat transfer. Dr. Tantillo can perform liposuction on various body parts, often treating multiple areas at once in congruence with other surgical procedures. Arm liposuction, breast or chest liposuction, back fat liposuction, liposuction for saddlebags, and neck liposuction are just some of the treatment options. Abdominal liposuction and loose skin removal are almost always done together, as removing underlying fat can result in excess skin that must be excised to get a good result.

Fat Grafting

Fat grafting (also known as autologous fat transfer) is a process that removes excess body fat from one region of the body and inserts it into another to enhance curves and contour the body.
Weight loss patients are often ideal candidates for fat grafting surgery because they frequently have stubborn areas of fat that remain, even after they reach a stable weight following their weight loss procedures. Fat grafting has two distinct benefits. First, by removing excess body fat from difficult areas with liposuction, Dr. Tantillo can help you get rid of some of the frustrations keeping you from reaching your body goals.
Second, the fat that is taken from your body is purified in a revolving canister and then injected back into the cheeks, lips, breasts, buttocks, or other areas where you want some extra volume. This method is a 100% natural alternative to implants and can create results that look just as stunning. The results of fat grafting are very natural-looking and subtle. This makes it an excellent choice for many post weight loss plastic surgery patients that desire a natural enhancement in addition to loose skin removal.

Recovery And Results

The recovery depends on the procedure(s) performed. Patients who undergo multiple post weight loss surgery procedures during the same operation often stay overnight in the hospital. Some patients require more than one operation.
Patients typically resume their normal activities within a few days of surgery and return to work two to three weeks after surgery. Patients should avoid strenuous activity or exercise for six weeks after surgery. Dr. Tantillo will give you specific instructions regarding your recovery as part of your surgery after weight loss plan.
Dr. Tantillo’s message to those considering a Mommy Makeover: I particularly enjoy Mommy Makeover consultations for a few reasons. The surgical plan really starts as a blank palette filled in uniquely for each patient based on her aspirations. The individual procedures of the Mommy Makeover work synergistically to lead to the patient’s rejuvenation; the sum is greater than the parts. Finally, the patient’s reaction to their transformation is priceless

Your Surgery. Your Plan.

At Clareo, we believe that individualized care leads to sensational results. We credit that philosophy as the core reason our centers are among the top Boston plastic surgery clinics for body reshaping, year after year. Compassionate, meticulous, patient-centered care and a comfortable, judgment-free environment are hallmarks of the Clareo experience. If you are looking for post weight loss surgery Boston aesthetic specialists at Clareo Plastic Surgery are here to answer your questions.

Book Your Surgery After Weight Loss Consultation Today

Clareo Plastic Surgery serve men and women in the Boston region, including Newton, Needham, Brookline, and other nearby areas. We are passionate about helping those serious about maximizing the benefits of their major weight loss reach their goals. Call (617) 221-4865 to schedule a private meeting with Dr. Tantillo today to learn what body contouring can do for you.

Post Weight Loss Surgery FAQ

Post weight loss surgery is any surgery that removes excess skin present after successful weight loss. Areas treated include the face, neck, breast/chest, torso, and thighs. While surgery cannot restore the tissue tone or elasticity that was lost with weight fluctuation, the excess skin is removed and the contour of the treated area improved.

Anyone who has lost significant weight, is bothered by loose skin, is at a stable healthy weight, and is in overall good health may be a candidate for post weight loss surgery.

You will most likely need to wear compression garments if breast enhancement or tummy tuck will be included in your Mommy Makeover. Typically, garments need to be worn for about 3-4 weeks to aid in proper healing.

Because the procedures that are right for each patient vary widely, the cost of post weight loss plastic surgery also varies widely. Some patients want only a neck lift or tummy tuck, while other patients choose to have several procedures at once and others prefer to have separate operations.

Now’s the perfect time to look and feel your best.

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