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Body Sculpting

in Boston, MA

Your Body Sculpted To Perfection

There are endless ways to sculpt and enhance your physique, whether you have resistant fat, excess skin, or are lacking curves. Services like liposuction, tummy tucks, fat grafting, buttock augmentation, and non-invasive fat reduction have consistently ranked among the top body sculpting procedures for years. Our premier Boston plastic surgeon will help you make sense of your options, both surgical and non-surgical, so you can unveil a sleeker, sculpted body in a way that makes the most sense for you.

Body Sculpting At Clareo Plastic Surgery

At Clareo Plastic Surgery, our award-winning, board-certified surgeons have perfected our Boston body sculpting techniques over the last two decades. Our bespoke body sculpting procedures can do everything from getting rid of stubborn fat and tightening saggy skin to adding subtle volume.

What Is Body Sculpting?

Body sculpting refers to virtually any body contouring procedure that shapes, tightens, or tones the body, or using a combination of these procedures. Surgical body sculpting involves resecting fatty tissue or excess skin, creating more youthful, streamlined contours. Non-invasive body contouring is also an option for those interested in toning up without incisions or downtime.

Can I Combine Body Contouring Procedures?

Body sculpting is a bespoke service that may include one or more body contouring procedures performed together. Some frequent combinations include liposuction-based tummy tucks, liposuction-assisted brachioplasty, and mommy makeovers. Patients who undergo concurrent procedures may reduce their out-of-pocket costs and benefit from a condensed recovery time. Add-ons like BodyTite, CoolSculpting, and laser or energy treatments may take the results even further. Our board-certified surgeons will let you know the possible combinations after learning about your aesthetic goals and examining you. If you’d like to find out more about body sculpting Boston board-certified plastic surgeons at Clareo Plastic Surgery can answer any questions and help guide you toward your ideal body sculpting procedures. Call us today to schedule!

Why Choose Clareo Plastic Surgery?

Body sculpting is an art and a science. For optimal results, you need an experienced plastic surgeon on your side. At Clareo Plastic Surgery, our board-certified doctors have been in private practice for over 20 years, winning numerous awards, including RealSelf Top Doctor, Top 10 Doctor, and the Patients’ Choice Award. Exceptional patient care and refined surgical outcomes are just the beginning of what sets Dr. Michael Tantillo and Dr. Christopher Lee apart. Discover the Clareo difference for yourself by scheduling your consultation today!

Schedule Your Boston, MA Body Sculpting Consultation at Clareo Plastic Surgery Today

Whether you want to tighten lax skin, reduce stubborn fat, or contour your figure, body sculpting can help you feel proud of your body. Call our office at (617) 505-6818 or submit the online form to arrange your private consultation. We serve patients throughout Boston, Newtown, Needham, Brookline, and beyond.

Body Sculpting FAQs

Risks such as infection, scarring, asymmetry, fluid accumulation, contour deformities, chronic numbness, blood clots, and uncontrolled bleeding are possible. Our board-certified surgeons, anesthesiologists, and nurses take every precaution to ensure the lowest complication rates in the industry.

Compression helps the underlying tissues adhere for proper healing and reduces the risk of seroma while alleviating swelling. You may need to wear the garment for six to 12 weeks, depending on the procedure you had.

Body sculpting is for patients already close to their optimal weight. While you may lose inches or pounds following body shaping procedures, it is not a substitute for diet or exercise.

Body contouring results last a long time with proper diet, exercise, and skincare. Future pregnancies, aging, or weight fluctuations may impact the results.

The cost for body sculpting in Boston varies tremendously due to the customized nature of the procedure. Book your consultation with our surgeons to receive your custom treatment plan and price quote today.

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At Clareo Plastic Surgery, our cosmetic specialists are ready to help you achieve your goals with the most advanced treatments the cosmetic industry has to offer. Contact us today to take your first step toward a more beautiful you.

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