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Our Boston BodyTite is a non-surgical treatment option that can be used on its own or in combination with liposuction to reduce sagging skin, eliminate fat, boost collagen production and improve your body shape without long recovery times.

What Is BodyTite?

BodyTite is an FDA-approved product and procedure that uses radiofrequency energy to tighten skin, remove fat and firm tissue.
Our board-certified Boston plastic surgeon at Clareo Plastic Surgery is highly trained and very experienced in this innovative technique. We offer consultations for BodyTite to determine if the minimallly invasive body contouring procedure is right for them.

How Does BodyTite Work?

BodyTite can be performed alone or combined with liposuction to address sagging skin on targeted areas of your body including your abdomen, neck, upper arms, thighs, knees, breasts, and buttocks. BodyTite uses probes connected to a handpiece that enables your doctor to apply radiofrequency waves that liquefy fat cells. That causes collagen fibers in your skin to contract and tighten. It also boosts collagen production, further contributing to a smooth, contoured appearance. If your surgeon combines BodyTite with liposuction, a small tube called a cannula is used to suction out excess fat.
There are many benefits and advantages derived from BodyTite. It is a bladeless procedure that requires no large incisions. It does not generally require general anesthesia and recovery time is shorter than traditional liposuction.
The procedure is most beneficial for patients with minimal to moderate skin sagging.

Am I A Good Candidate For BodyTite?

You should be in good health and within 30 percent of your ideal weight. BodyTite is not recommended if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, or have an autoimmune disease that might affect healing.
If you have very loose and sagging skin, you might be a better candidate for a more extensive procedure. BodyTite is not for everyone, but medical researchers have declared it an effective procedure for “appropriately selected patients.” If you’d like to find out if you’d make a good candidate for BodyTite Boston plastic surgeons at Clareo Plastic Surgery can address that and any other questions you may have during a consultation. Call us today!

Risks and potential side effects

All surgical procedures carry risks, including infection, excessive bleeding, and poor wound healing. BodyTite uses radiofrequency waves, producing heat that liquifies fat cells. While there is a risk of burns, the procedure is monitored by a computer that regulates temperature and automatically shuts down the probes if safe heat ranges are exceeded.
Radiofrequency waves do not trigger skin pain like an electrical current might. The radiofrequency currents change direction too fast to trigger nerves that convey pain.

How does BodyTite differ from liposuction?

Studies have shown that radiofrequency techniques such as BodyTite cause less tissue trauma than traditional lipo. Because fat is liquified and extracted quickly through very small incisions, swelling and bruising are reduced.

The BodyTite Procedure

You and your doctor will decide whether to choose local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia. The procedure is safe with local anesthesia, but some patients and doctors may prefer general anesthesia. It takes 30-45 minutes to treat each targeted area. Since multiple areas are often treated, the average procedure can take anywhere between one and four hours. After receiving BodyTite Boston patients will need a ride home, and walking may be uncomfortable.

Recovery After BodyTite

You will likely experience some temporary swelling and bruising. Most of our patients can return to work in two days. You’ll be able to return to low-impact activities in two weeks or less, but give yourself up to six weeks before you resume more intense activities such as running and weight training. Your surgeon may recommend that you wear a compression garment for a couple of months to maximize your results. Complete recovery could take anywhere from less than four weeks to six months.

BodyTite Results

After BodyTite Boston patients will notice results almost immediately, and should experience continued skin tightening for up to a year. Results should last for at least a year, but if you avoid significant weight fluctuations, your results may be permanent.


The cost of BodyTite procedure will vary according to the number and size of the areas you have treated. Since BodyTite is considered cosmetic surgery, your insurance will not pay for it. During your consultation, you’ll be given a thorough estimate of the cost of your procedure before any work is done.

Your Boston BodyTite Consultation at Clareo Plastic Surgery

While BodyTite is regarded as a safe procedure, it requires the training and experience that only a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Tantillo can provide.
Dr. Tantillo at Clareo Plastic Surgery in Boston, MA is board-certified and uses state-of-the-art procedures and techniques to optimize your satisfaction and results. We warmly invite you to schedule a consultation to evaluate your goals and expectations. Shape the future you’ve always wanted! At Clareo, we help patients express their inner confidence.

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