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Rewards and Membership Program

Clareo Plastic Surgery

Step into the realm of refinement with Clareo Plastic Surgery's prestigious rewards program - Clareo Connect - and Clareo's exclusive membership program - the Clareo Club.

With Clareo Connect, simply download the app, to sign up for exclusive rewards!

The Clareo Club Membership program offers an unparalleled, meticulously curated tiered system. Each tier within the Clareo Club is designed to cater to your aesthetic desires to elevate your skincare routine, get exclusive offers on Fillers and Neurotoxins and much more.

Clareo Connect Rewards Offer

Sign up for Clareo Connect and get immediate cash back! Follow the on-screen prompts which takes less than a minute and the app will download to your phone for future ease of access.

Clareo Club Tiers

Introducing the Clareo Club, where luxury meets skincare. Explore our exclusive membership tiers designed to cater to your beauty needs with unmatched benefits and savings.

Clareo Club: Classic

Clareo Club: Refreshed

Clareo Club: Refined

Clareo Club: Rejuvenated

Sign-up to join the Clareo Club today and indulge in a personalized membership experience tailored to your aesthetic aspirations.

Now’s the perfect time to look and feel your best.

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