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Muscle Makeover

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Are you ready to take charge of your transformation? The Clareo Boston Muscle Makeover for Men is your gateway to unveiling a more sculpted, confident you. Schedule your consultation at Clareo Plastic Surgery today and discover how the synergy of innovation, expertise, and personalized care can redefine your journey toward enhanced well-being.

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Designed uniquely to sculpt the Male physique, this procedure removes stubborn fat and transfers it to more desirable areas, like the Traps, Deltoids, Pecs, Biceps, Buttocks, and Calves. By combining their extensive experience with the latest surgical advancements, such as Hi-Def Lipo with Muscle Etching, Liposuction, and Fat-to-Muscle Transfer, Dr. Lee and Dr. Tantillo are able to sculpt and define your muscles like never before. Discover the transformational power of a Muscle Makeover, exclusively available at Clareo Plastic Surgery.

Muscle Makeover For Men At Clareo Plastic Surgery

Redefine your physique with the Clareo Muscle Makeover for Men, a revolutionary body contouring procedure offered at our state-of-the-art facility. Led by renowned Boston plastic surgeons Dr. Christopher Lee and Dr. Michael Tantillo, our expert team combines extensive experience with the latest surgical advancements, such as Hi-Def Lipo with muscle etching, liposuction, and fat-to-muscle transfer to sculpt and define your muscles like never before. Discover the transformational power of the Clareo Muscle Makeover, exclusively available at Clareo Plastic Surgery.

What Is A Muscle Makeover?

Clareo Plastic Surgery introduces the revolutionary Muscle Makeover for Men, an innovative body contouring procedure by Dr. Christopher Lee and Dr. Michael Tantillo. Our practice blends cutting-edge technology and surgical prowess to deliver remarkable results in achieving the desired muscular definition. Through a personalized approach, the Clareo Muscle Makeover utilizes advanced techniques to sculpt a physique that mirrors your dedication and aspirations. The Muscle Makeover procedures include the following:

Dr. Christopher Lee On The Muscle Makeover Procedure


Liposuction is a popular cosmetic procedure that removes excess fat from various body areas, creating a more contoured and sculpted appearance. During the procedure, a thin tube called a cannula is used to suction out fat from targeted areas such as the abdomen, thighs, or buttocks. Liposuction is often chosen by individuals who struggle with localized fat deposits that are resistant to diet and exercise.

High-Definition Liposuction | Muscle Etching

One key component of the Muscle Makeover is high-definition liposuction, a refined liposuction technique that precisely targets and removes excess fat from specific areas. This precision makes the underlying muscles more prominent, creating a chiseled and defined appearance. To accentuate muscle definition further, our surgeons utilize the art of muscle etching. This technique involves strategically removing small amounts of fat from around muscle groups to enhance the appearance of muscle contours, resulting in a more sculpted look.

Fat Transfer to Muscle

Fat transfer to muscles is a procedure that removes excess fat through liposuction and injects it into specific muscle groups, enhancing their size and definition. This procedure is particularly popular among those seeking a more toned and athletic physique. Common target areas for fat transfer to muscles include the chest, buttocks, and calves.

Benefits Of A Clareo Muscle Makeover

The Muscle Makeover offers a host of benefits that go beyond just physical transformation. Our cutting-edge body contouring procedure, led by Dr. Christopher Lee and Dr. Michael Tantillo, is designed to enhance your physique and improve your overall quality of life.

Am I A Candidate For A Muscle Makeover?

This procedure is well-suited for individuals seeking improved muscle definition and a sculpted physique. Ideal candidates include those committed to enhancing muscle tone, individuals with a healthy lifestyle, and those with specific body contouring goals in areas like the abdomen, chest, arms, or thighs. Candidates should maintain realistic expectations about the outcomes of the procedure, understanding that individual results may vary.
Age is not the primary determinant for candidacy; overall health and personal goals are more significant factors. Regardless of age, whether in your 20s, 40s, 60s or beyond, expert surgeons can assess suitability based on individual circumstances, ensuring that the Muscle Makeover aligns with your objectives and well-being. If you’d like to find out if you’d make a good candidate for our Muscle Makeover Boston plastic surgeons at Clareo Plastic Surgery can address that and any other questions you may have during a consultation. Call us today!

Consultation And Preparation

The best way to determine if you’re a suitable candidate for the Clareo Muscle Makeover is to schedule a consultation with our experienced surgeons. Dr. Christopher Lee and Dr. Michael Tantillo will evaluate your specific needs, discuss your goals, and address any concerns you may have. Unlock your physique’s potential and redefine your self-confidence with the Clareo Muscle Makeover. If you’re ready to take the next step toward achieving your aesthetic goals, reach out to us today to schedule your consultation.

The Clareo Muscle Makeover Procedure

The Clareo Muscle Makeover Procedure offers a personalized approach to achieving the desired muscle definition. Through a comprehensive consultation, they create a customized treatment plan tailored to individual aesthetic goals and unique anatomy. Patient comfort is a top priority, ensured by using local anesthesia or numbing agents to minimize discomfort during the procedure. The Muscle Makeover utilizes precision techniques, including high-definition liposuction and muscle etching, to enhance muscle visibility. Small, strategically placed incisions allow surgeons to remove excess fat and sculpt the muscles effectively while prioritizing patient safety and well-being. This transformative procedure empowers individuals to showcase their hard-earned physique with confidence, achieving the muscle definition they desire.

Results, Recovery, And Aftercare

After the procedure, you’ll receive detailed instructions on post-operative care and recovery. Our team will guide you through the healing process, ensuring your comfort and addressing any questions you may have. Experience the Clareo Muscle Makeover and discover the transformational power it holds. Our skilled surgeons are dedicated to helping you achieve the sculpted physique you desire. Schedule a consultation today to learn more about this revolutionary procedure and take the first step toward unveiling a more confident you.

Why Clareo Plastic Surgery?

Esteemed surgeons Dr. Christopher Lee and Dr. Michael Tantillo helm Clareo Plastic Surgery, an award-winning establishment recognized for dedication to patient satisfaction and transformative outcomes. Every patient’s unique aspirations guide our approach, ensuring individualized treatment plans stemming from comprehensive consultations. At Clareo, we don’t just offer procedures; we provide a journey towards empowerment. We’re deeply committed to enhancing self-confidence and overall well-being, ensuring comfort, safety, and exceptional results throughout the transformative experience.

Schedule Your Boston, MA, Clareo Muscle Makeover Consultation at Clareo Plastic Surgery Today

Clareo Plastic Surgery, under the expert leadership of Dr. Christopher Lee and Dr. Michael Tantillo, is a paragon of innovation, safety, and tailored care in aesthetic enhancement. Embracing a blend of artistry, cutting-edge technology, and dedication to individualized care, our practice distinguishes itself as the preferred choice for transformative journeys. Join us and discover a bespoke path to rejuvenation tailored uniquely for you.

Muscle Makeover

Frequently Asked Questions

At Clareo Plastic Surgery, we understand that individual preferences vary, which is why our Muscle Makeover procedures are tailored to your unique goals. Whether you’re looking to enhance specific muscle groups or achieve a more sculpted physique, our skilled team personalizes each treatment for optimal results.

Prioritizing your comfort is a cornerstone of our approach. We utilize advanced techniques to minimize discomfort during and after the Muscle Makeover procedure. Our team is committed to ensuring your experience is as smooth and pain-free as possible, helping you feel at ease throughout your transformative journey.

Like any medical procedure, Muscle Makeover involves some inherent risks. During your consultation, our experienced surgeons will discuss these potential risks, offering complete transparency so you can make an informed decision. Rest assured, your safety is our top priority, and we take every precaution to minimize risks and complications.

Results can vary based on several factors, but many of our patients enjoy long-lasting outcomes from their Muscle Makeover treatments. While the aging process continues, maintaining a healthy lifestyle can significantly contribute to preserving your enhanced physique over time.

The cost of Muscle Makeover at Clareo Plastic Surgery varies based on individual needs and desired outcomes, making it essential to consult with our professionals for a personalized quote.


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