Medical Evaluations and Lab Tests

If you decide to undergo a mommy makeover, during your consultation, your surgeon will take a detailed medical history and will order labs, including a blood test like a CBC panel or Chem 7 and a pregnancy test. Your cosmetic surgeon will want to be sure you are in good health to avoid any potential complications. If you are over 40-50, your surgeon may require a mammogram or EKG, especially if you have any family history of certain medical issues.

Address Outside Health Issues

Being in good health is the best way to ensure an uncomplicated recovery period. If you have any ongoing health issues, even those that may seem unrelated to this type of surgery, it’s best to address them with your doctor before moving forward. Maintaining a healthy diet, regular exercise, and getting enough sleep in the weeks and months leading up to surgery are all important to boost your immune system for optimal recovery.

Medications and Supplements

If you are considering this procedure, it’s a great idea to start keeping track of any medications and supplements you take regularly or occasionally so you can easily share the information with your surgeon. Certain medications and supplements will need to be paused prior to your surgery, and it’s important that your surgeon has updated info from you. We also recommend filling your prescriptions ahead of time, including any prescribed by your surgeon for post-op pain management, so they are available as soon as you need them.


Great care will be taken to ensure you are in the best possible health and that medications are meticulously checked before surgery. Along with these preparations, quitting smoking is critical. Smoking can significantly hinder your body’s ability to fight infection and experience a proper recovery. Of course, your surgeon will encourage long-term smoking cessation for your overall health, but, at minimum, you will need to quit for one month prior and one month following your procedure.

Close in on Your Goal Weight

Another facet of preparing for your mommy makeover is ensuring you are at or within reach of your goal weight. Significant weight loss or gain can wipe out most of the benefits of a mommy makeover, so it’s important that you will be able to and want to maintain your current weight or very close to it.

Meal Planning

You will be restricted on your activity level, particularly in the first week after surgery when you’ll need to limit yourself to mostly sleeping, eating, and short hallway walks. While cleaning, housekeeping, and other household duties can wait if needed, feeding yourself and your family cannot, so it’s a great idea to be prepared ahead of time. Consider cooking and freezing meals, buying easy-to-prepare meals, and going grocery shopping before your procedure so that you can be well-nourished and to ensure that you don’t have to worry about your family getting quality meals either.

Block off Your Calendar

For many surgeries, including cosmetic, the recovery period can be as crucial to healing as the surgery itself. You will need to avoid most activity for 1-2 weeks, strenuous activity for 3-4 weeks, and you can expect to not return to a full-fledged normal routine for about 4-6 weeks. You should consider this when planning vacations, social events, and work. This may seem like an excessive amount of recovery time, but most women say it’s absolutely worth it for the exciting, long-term results.

Consider Your Environment

Recovery can be painful and uncomfortable. To help yourself relax and have the best experience possible, consider purchasing some amenities ahead of time. Prepare your space with soft pillows and easy-to-access entertainment, and set up your necessities close by. Some patients say recliner chairs are the best choice for easy up-and-down mobility. Whatever your setup, it helps to think about it ahead of your surgery to prepare.

Ask for Help

If you are ready to put in the time, effort, and money for the mommy makeover you deserve, you also deserve help! This may be helping you just get out of bed in the first few hours post-op all the way to grocery shopping, cooking, or taking care of your kids. It is best to talk about needs ahead of time with anyone who you may be able to recruit (spouse, parents, etc.) so they know exactly what you will and won’t be able to do.

Be Prepared

This surgery is not to be taken lightly. It’s a big decision, and you should educate yourself on the possible risks and complications. A reputable surgeon will be realistic with you and willing to discuss concerns and expectations. That said, remember that healing is not linear, and though today may be a good day, tomorrow is yet to be determined. So give your mind and healing body grace, and be prepared for ups and downs on your journey to recovery.

Knowledge is Power

In any surgical prep situation, coming to your consultation with questions is a great move. A critical part of opting for cosmetic surgery is choosing a doctor. If the plastic surgeon you’re working with can’t answer straightforward questions or doesn’t want to have an open dialogue with you, it may be time to reconsider. Your surgeon should be transparent and willing to walk with you through every step of your procedure, from consultation to follow-up.